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Hello to all from the USA

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Just dropping a line to say high and thank you for the invite to your forum.

It has been a little bit of a challenge to register and post here because I speak no Russian, but I have been able to work through the problem by using a language translator that one of Our members in The Virago Owners Club was nice enough to send me a link to. Some of the words don't translate correctly, but I will try to work with it anyway.

The link to the translator follows: http://translator.live.com/

I hope the translator works in the reverse mode, so that we may converse some more.

I attempted to post this in your American Friends thread, but I was unable to make any new posts there.

Bye for now.


den all:

--- Цитата: "marty21221" ---Just dropping a line to say high and thank you for the invite to your forum.

--- Конец цитаты ---

Hi Marty! Welcome! :)

HI, Marty! We're glad to read you in our forum. :)

Hi marty, well that you have visitted us. our manager to try to do registration in english that you could register orderly.

Hello again. Thank you for the warm welcome.

I was hoping for better results from the translator link I posted. I am sorry to report that it does not work very well.

It would have been nice to communicate on a higher level with you about motorcycles, Riding, maintenance and repair and in particular stories about the Virago.

From what I see here, you are considerably better at speaking english than we/I am capable of speaking Russian. You have my congratulations for that.


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